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We are a collective team integrated team which is called Wellness I wellness team works on all matters relating to public health for individuals and institutions through the development and the development of different physical abilities Kalqoh muscle, speed, agility, flexibility and compatibility and others.

He founded a working group any Wellness Dr. / Atif Rashad Professor sports training and physical preparation expert and design of various physical programs for athletes and non-athletes and director of several sports and physical institutions and various health and sports commentator and media known.

The team consists of any and Wellness of a homogeneous group of professors from the faculties of education and sports medicine, nutrition and other also boasts some discerning trainers in the training of its physical setting and some of the top students in the field of athletic training. The team provides services in the field of training and education in the field of physical preparation (Fitness) and personal physical training for athletes and non-athletes women and older men and young.

The team also provides services such as how to prepare and build health clubs for children, ladies and men and learn about the latest instrumentation and global training in this area.

The working group also offers a Wellness services in the field of student activities at universities. In addition to providing free employment service in the field of physical preparation and training and work within the health clubs and others.

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