Physical preparation for special forces and military


 · Physical efficiency is one of the most important requirements for the work of the special forces personnel of the armed forces and the police to meet the daily needs of professional, we can كمتخصصين to this area offer many training services for the development and develop physical Ulkipoh and martial special forces through the following:

• Provide Assistance to set up and establish training courses in physical preparation, development and develop physical Ulkipoh for special forces in a scientific manner to develop the skills and abilities of the fighters.


 · The fields of training design on a scientific manner inhibitions increasing physical Ulkipoh and durability and reduce injuries resulting from traditional fields.


 · Special Forces training and military development programs and the development of physical abilities different Kalqoh muscle and endurance league and respiratory systems, speed and bearing strength and skin muscle and other capabilities of physical preparation that are commensurate with the power of endurance and physical exertion of military personnel to raise Ulkipoh physical and increased durability according to the needs and requirements of the military.


 · The development of swimming and diving skills through the organization of training courses sports diving and military diving (closed circles).


 Identify and nominate the best and the latest training equipment and measuring physical preparation in the world for raise physical Ulkipoh.


Supervising all Eat physical preparation and training weights in terms of training facilities the hall with the tools and training necessary hardware and recommend what should be complemented by the latest assistive devices and tools for training within each lounges numbers Albdenb and training weights.

Measurement of various physical capacity and identify the strengths and weaknesses of members of sports teams, the armed forces and the police.

Field supervision of all sectors of the armed forces and the police to pick the best elements to participate in sports teams to reach the upper levels.


• Determine the strategy for preparing through the physical sector plan tournament Authority training of the armed forces and the police.


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