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 Department of sauna, steam and Jacuzzi, cold bath and wax baths and massages


Is the section which includes both of the sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi as well as cold and wax baths and massages, as well as hot and cold baths through the shower spray water for bathing, but this section equipment of a special nature eat in two parts:


I: design and processing services designated place.


Second: It includes installation and technical benefits of each of the sauna, steam and Jacuzzi bath and a wax bath.


First: the design and processing department sauna, steam and Jacuzzi bath and bathroom wax


Must be taken into account when designing this section many things, in terms of space - Ventilation - drainage works - electricity - walls - floors - paints.


1 - Size:


Must be proportionate to the area of ​​this section internally and services located inside, and freedom of movement outside of these services to rest or wait or to take cold showers and warm, Veraay design services based on your space so that they are suitable for the performance of the inside and outside places of service.


2 - Ventilation:


This section should pay attention to good ways and means of ventilation and expelling hot air, as well as air suction and smells of spam, where the temperature rises in this section due to the presence sauna and steam as well as steam hot water resulting from the use of shower outside, Veraay a means of ventilation, as well as hoods to withdraw and expel hot air and unwanted odors down.




3 - drainage works:


Must take into account the work of sanitation and its fittings for each of the steam room and showers, so as to allow that there is no accumulation of water on the walls or the ground in order to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and the spread of disease, and that there is a spread suitable for the number of places of bathing at the amount of space and the number of undecided so as not to be there waiting for members to take a shower after sauna or steam, or after a performance sports training.


4 - Electricity:


Must take into account processing electrical work within this segment to withstand electric power high used by both a sauna, steam and Jacuzzi in terms of loads and interior fittings for diameters behavior electric used in the plug and taking into account the safety and security factors in the use of electric current, so as not to damage or injury caused by misuse the use of electric current.


5 - walls, floors and paint:


Prefers the use of ceramic and marble in that part due to the use of water in a wide range and for long periods inside the West steam and Jacuzzi, corridors and rooms and showers, and the ratio of paints little except the bishop, prefers to be of insulating material for steam to prevent corrosion of iron and the fall of the parts of the bishop for not using resistant paints steam and humidity.




Second: installation art and the benefits of each of the sauna, steam and Jacuzzi bath and bathroom wax


First: Sauna Sauna:


Sauna is a room full of natural timber where the temperature is between 70-90 degrees Celsius and humidity between 5% to 10%, and designed room engineered according to the area you want to create a sauna out on multiple forms, including square, rectangle, ring, gun .. Etc., ie, that there is no requirement for a sauna, but it is possible to show geometrically beautiful works to attract attention, and inside the sauna room allows the presence of vents at the bottom heating device (hitter) and directly to him, so as to filter the air and renovated, but withdrawal of hot air and renovated air permits breathe without a sense of lack of oxygen inside the room.


Sauna components:


1 - sauna consists of four walls, and the door of laminated wood (Binding / or fittings) by installation, and separates this wood insulator of thermal fleece which prevents leaking heat and keep at room temperature, and equip the room from the inside seats wooden levels from low to high and according to the room size and the degree of expansion, and the door is equipped so that it is easy opening and closing and allows vision through part glass for follow-up from inside the sauna room, and the glass is also The specifications so as to allow to bear the high temperatures (glass Securiet) and the floor of the room is also made of wood, and allows then raise it to clean the floor of the room.


2 - generator of heat, which is a device that heat with powers commensurate with the area of ​​the room, which is a (hitter) Thermal works with electricity through the Control Panel to adjust the temperature inside the room as well as the time, and no device inside the room and placed it from the top types of coal which maintains temperature and generates heat directly to the room, and calculates the power of the device used for the sauna and according to the area by measuring the rate of length, width and height.


3 - Among Accessories sauna and equipment, hourglass through which the can from inside the sauna to know the time spent, as well as h / index temperature and humidity inside, as well as some perfumes that are added on coal to generate odor acceptable smart, as well as the bucket wooden spoon or water Splash water poured on the coal to raise the ambient moisture from the inside.


Example: sauna room equipped with the following spaces:


3 meters in length, width 2 m, height of 2.10 meters.


The height of the sauna fixed rate in all types of sauna, except in the specifications increase the space to accommodate the large number of teams, so the other specifications.


Shall be the total area 3 × 2 × 2.10 = 12.60 meters.


And be on the power of the device is required to cover that area of ​​the sauna room of 12: 13 kg / Watt.


Thus, the device is less than the capacity it will be useless, due to the lack of suitable strength to the area of ​​the room, you will not reach the temperature to an appropriate degree feel them from inside the sauna.


Sauna differs from steam in the sauna that relies on increasing temperature and low humidity, while the opposite in the steam depends on increasing humidity and low temperature.


The benefits of the sauna:


1 - raise the physical and efficiency of hospital operations.


2 - get rid of the fatigue caused by stress at work or training.


3 - Get rid of the excess of nervous tension.


4 - a sense of relaxation.


5 - Increase the speed the healing process.


6 - Improving the physical setting.


7 - treat some diseases of the cold and some skin diseases.


8 - helps to calm and sleep easy.


9 - help on the individual's sense of vigor and vitality.


Procedures for use of the sauna:


1 - You must make sure health status of the individual.


2 - should not be the sauna immediately after eating.


3 - not recommended washing hair with water so as not to lose fatty material that protects it from increasing temperature.


4 - Do not use soap in washing the body before using the sauna so as not to lose body fat layer that protects them, and can be used after the exit.


5 - the need for rest periods between each sauna session and another.


6 - are breathing from the nose.


7 - preferably lying in the sauna or D-men, if possible.


8 - It is recommended comfortable after getting out of the sauna and a failure to perform violent acts only after a sufficient period.


And confirms many of the scientific research that the sauna is working to stimulate blood circulation in the body and flow in blood vessels causing remove Claustrul blood that causes blockage of the blood vessels, and see some of the views that the sauna melt some fat light under the skin, while confirms the vast majority of scientists it is certain that Saunas are not used in slimming, Valsaohna primary objective of removing fatigue and fatigue and rest of the nervous system, when entering the individual to the sauna for a period ranging from 15 to 20 minutes it loses from 600 to 1000 grams, but after an hour and a cup of water is re-balance the body , and this confirms that the sauna is not slimming.


Second: steam Stem:


And a steam room full of coated inside with marble or ceramic and in some cases, be ready (prefabricated) mounted to put it in anywhere from fiberglass, aluminum and glass door and also of aluminum, insulated glass, which allows high temperatures.


- And be inside the steam room (landline Exchange) for leaking water accumulated inside the room and lack of accumulation, as well as having a cold shower.


- Featuring multiple formats steam room as well as space and place and decor available to the facility, and the seats are fixed inside the room of marble or ceramic or animated or fiberglass reinforced plastic.


- And works through steam (heater) related to water pipe converts by boiling water to steam hot water, and through the device connected to the pipe inside the room.


- And is controlled at a temperature of steam generated from the device through the control panel to temperature as well as the time required to run and automatic chapter.


- And is controlled at a temperature of steam generated from the device through the control panel to temperature as well as the time required for operation and automatic chapter.


- As well as Accessories steam room fragrances that are placed with water vapor out of the machine to spread inside the room to give smell smart acceptable.


- There is no ventilation inside the steam room only at the door, which is allowed in the ratio limits (1 cm) from the bottom of the door to filter the air inside the room.


Third: Jacuzzi:


It is a bathtub or swimming holes to inject streams of water in a different device, in order to massage, where they are filling the tub with warm water and then sit inside individual, and is operating to push the water in all parts of the body.


It is also a multi-spaces and shapes, midst of one individual or more, depending on the size and capabilities available to the health club, jacuzzi works through motor to drive the air inside the tub, which is filled and emptied regularly.


Often the jacuzzi ready in advance of fiberglass or Chinese, as well as there is of it which it is built and prepared in accordance with the available space, and is equipped with electricity connections so special your Segway Operating voltage.


Jacuzzi and a mechanical effect, and is used to calm the central nervous system through lower excitability sensory and motor nerves, and increases the intensity of metabolism and raise the muscle tone also provoke terminals of sensory nerves of the skin.


IV: Maghtas:


It is a place of deep (basin) not less than 150 cm in the level of depth which is either higher than ground level so as to climb it, or down from the level is and Pensions him, which is filled with cold water in order to get off him after getting out of the sauna and steam directly, The bath is filled and emptied by means of exchange with the creation of stomach, also a multi-spaces to accommodate one or more persons by area.


V.: Wax pools:


A division use bathrooms wax sessions to help in slimming localized to a particular area of ​​the body, a method currently used to lose some body positions that increase the size and weight.



It is a paraffin wax laced with paraffin oil + water is boiled by a sterilization or an electric kettle to become a wax liquid with a high temperature (to be withdrawn through the towel cloth to be placed on the area to be تخسيسها, after wrapping types of tarpaulin Mosul heat so as not to inflammation of the skin occurs, wax and then covered with a blanket in order to retain the wax temperature for a longer period of time, and reiterates that in each session.


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