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Fitness equipment global:


Can be downloaded free through this site files for the latest training equipment setup physical devices such as training weights with global brands various devices endurance periodic respiratory, including devices traffic moving, peace and other devices slimming and weight loss and Restore Devices healing SPA such as sauna, jacuzzi and Alastim and others, as well as hardware development speed, as You can upload files and photos and videos latest innovations modern weight-training equipment for children and women inside and outside the halls. In addition to the latest measurement and evaluation devices in the field of sports, public health and body components


Physical benefits of exercise:


• Work to improve the shape of the body and health.


• strengthen bones and muscles.


• reduce the chance of disease.


• Work to improve the flexibility and general fitness of the body.




The psychological benefits of exercise:


• facilitate you how to deal with stress and nervous tension.


• working to increase self-confidence.


• provide you with an opportunity




Social benefits of exercise:


• help to identify friends and new people.


• Work to improve the spirit of teamwork and cooperation.




Damage, lack of exercise:


• lead sedentary to weight gain, which becomes obstacle burden on the various organs of the body and ligaments.


• muscular dystrophy and lack of size which makes them unable to work efficiently.


• the emergence of back pain and stiffness in the joints and spine.


• heart becomes smaller and less efficient and the emergence of heart disease such as high or low blood pressure.


• incidence of many diseases such as ulcers, indigestion, chronic anxiety and tension.


• reduces chemical energy stocks so the body becomes less able to meet the physical requirements.


• less Srahcfa the impact of any effort by the individual.


• minimum number of hours per capita output of the lack of movement and lack of fitness.


• increase the number of heart as well as rapid breathing when no physical effort is simple.


• infected individual stress and fatigue Lai his effort.


• the individual becomes more depressed.


• lower the body's ability to absorb oxygen from the individual sports 13 - reduced flexibility and ćáÇŢćÉ muscle and therefore least afford individual and resistance for the individual sports.


• Increase the percentage of fat in the body, making it a burden on the body and vital organs.


• Increase the proportion of cholesterol in the blood which affects the body atherosclerosis.


• droop abdomen (belly), which leads to many complex problems (digestion problem - lower back pain - the curvature of the lower back - pressure on the diaphragm).


• respiratory problems from lung congestion - airway obstruction and difficulty breathing.


• impaired function of the bladder and intestines, liver and decisiveness vital organs.


• Increase the percentage of sugar in the blood, leading to the injury of a person with many diseases.


• Generally body gets weak year and non Caourbalehioah and youth.

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