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Egyptian universities, student unions is one of the legitimate organizations that reflect the views of students and their ambitions colleges, institutes and universities Egyptian practice by which all student activities, which look after their interests and based on the organization and ensure the exercise of the student activity which is their representative in front of the concerned parties.

The Union aims to:

Work on the preparation of a generation capable of taking responsibility and serve the nation.
The representation of students in the decisions and policies related to them and defend their interests and their rights and deliver their opinions to management college or institute or university (depending on the circumstances) through their request to attend councils college or institute or university (depending on the circumstances) and boards of education and students affairs and any Council discusses matters relating to students.
Closer links between the masses of students on the one hand and between them and members of the faculty and staff and build bridges of understanding with them on the other.
Facilitate the exercise of students to express their views freely towards various issues politically, scientifically and culturally and strengthening relations with scientific institutions and student unions inside and outside the country through legal channels.
Development of spiritual and moral values ​​and the consolidation of national consciousness and national security and uphold the value of belonging and loyalty and deepen the foundations of democracy and human rights and citizenship among students and teamwork.
Students' talents and develop their abilities and skills and employment for the benefit of the student and his educational institution and the nation.
Encourage the establishment of families, associations, clubs and organizing scientific method to take advantage of the capabilities and skills of the students and support their activities and develop their creative abilities.
Organizing student activities, social and sports scout, technical and cultural, political, technological and other and broaden the base of participation and motivate students to participate and encourage outstanding.
9. Support the student's personality so as to enable the ability to mature free thinking and rehabilitation to assume the duties and responsibilities towards their homeland.

10. Developing and organizing student projects and programs that serve the goals of the university and contribute positively in the construction and development of the society.


11. Work to solve the problems of students and provide the reasons for comfort and their means of living inside and outside the university and follow up on complaints and grievances of students from colleges and universities
Before administrative bodies.

And not contrary to achieve these goals with the provisions of the law regulating universities or the provisions of this Regulation and with the regularity of the educational process.

Students' Union has a college or institute or university committees as follows: -

1. Committee families and trips: - and specializes in the following:

§ Develop rules to regulate the work of families and student activities. And for families the freedom to choose the organizational structure commensurate with the nature of their work does not interfere with the university regulations and laws.

§ encourage the formation of families and student activities, coordination and provide technical support and organize competitions among them

§ supervision on trips and camps, cultural, social and entertainment that help to introduce students to the milestones Egypt and the world, and recreation and others.

2. Committee sports activity: specializes in the following:

§ encourage the formation of sports teams and creating opportunities for various sports activities through the provision of sporting facilities and tools.

§ overseeing the sports competitions held.

§ nomination accredited coaches in sports federations after the approval of the Council of the Federation of University Students.

3. Political and Cultural Committee: and specializes in the following:

§ Develop awareness of national issues, including entrench the concepts of citizenship and democracy.

§ promote a culture of human rights and release the energies of students' intellectual and creative and cultural rights.

§ instilling the values ​​that contribute to positive participation in the development of political and social awareness among students to familiarize themselves with the issues of the nation and the Arab and Islamic nation.

§ the freedom of students in the exercise of political awareness and active participation in political life.

§ communicate with the various political tendencies to form views on public issues

§ issuance magazines and newsletters, organizing lectures, seminars, conferences and cultural debates and workshops.

4. Technical Committee: and specializes in the following:

§ talents of art students.

§ motivate students to participate in various Theatre and Fine Arts, choir and sing and play and other different kinds of arts.

§ overseeing the various art competitions.

§ Work on raising public taste and the development of the aesthetic sense of the students.

5. Commission phones and public service: - and specializes in the following:

§ Scout organization aspects of the activity on the foundations and principles of the Scout Movement.

§ implementation of programs that serve the environment, including contributing to the development of society and work on the participation of students and various related associations in the implementation of environmental activity.

6. Social Activities Committee and Student Service: - and specializes in the following:

§ overseeing the concerts dating and the revival of nationalism and religious occasions to consolidate social ties between students and between them and the faculty members and their assistants and the faculty or staff of the Institute.

§ work on the provision of services and the provision of student care.

§ work to provide social support for those who are unable.

7. Committee of scientific and technological activity: - specializes in the following:

§ seminars, lectures and scientific conferences in order to develop the scientific and innovative capacity.

§ encourage and support scientific research among students.

§ encourage and support science clubs and scientific societies and to provide financial and technical support to them.

§ work to provide opportunities for training and scientific exchange student inside and outside the home.

§ coordination between humanitarian college students and applied in various fields of science and scientific research.

§ to disseminate student research and innovation in scientific journals.

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