Dr. Atef is a Professor, Sports Training Department, Faculty of Physical Education, Helwan University. Ministry of   Education – Egypt. He is Prime Coordinator of Student activities – Helwan University-Egypt. Recently He is a Professor, Sports Sciences’ Department, Faculty of Education, King Abdoualaziz University, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia, in 2010 he worked as a Visitor Consultant, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. He is a Lecturer for Developed and implemented strength and conditioning education programs for teachers and trainers, in many sports federations. He Have many scientific researches in sport Science.Dr. Atef is a Professor, in Sports Training Department, Faculty of Physical Education, Helwan University. He has a Master of Fitness Sciences from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), and Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition from (ISSA). He Certified Kinesis Master Training, Techno Gym , Italy. Executive management diploma from the AUC. He Certificate of sports leaders of the Olympic Solidarity Itinerant Administration School, from International Olympic Committee. He Certified of Sports Medicine Course from ARABIC AFRICAN ACADEMY for Sport.  Dr. Atef is the Dean of GOLD’S ACADEMY-Middle East. He is Gold’s Gym youth GM. He works as a Physical fitness consultant in the Middle East. He worked as Athletics Strength and conditioning program designer for many World, Arab and African champion ship in different games. He is also a former volleyball player and international volleyball trainer at Egyptian volleyball federation since 1993,Golden Medial  in the 14 Africa Senior Women’s national volleyball championship Nairobi- KENYA 2003, Tunisia 2004,Algaria 2003, Trainer for Egyptian volleyball women national team world championship Germany 2002.Trainer for Egyptian volleyball junior’s team world championship Poland 2002. ,volleyball championship and coached several teams -for instance- Egyptian volleyball women national team, Egyptian volleyball junior’s team, El Geish, Aviation , and Zamalek teams. In addition, Certificate from GERMAN volleyball federation.Certificate of volleyball international training Diploma 1991 from LEIPZG University .He has Certificate of volleyball national Olympic training from International Olympic committee.Certificate of volleyball international training from international federation.,Dr. Atef is a Television and Radio announcer since 1994.He is  the best Egyptian commentator according to the T.V&Radio Union evaluation  in 2008.



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