Children's physical preparation

The benefits of physical preparation for children


Statistics indicate that the World Health Organization to lack of physical fitness among children and the Arab nation Arab sport's lack of physical preparation programs for youth in pre-and after puberty where the fitness comes in the tail of children daily Arab youth.


This has caused poor physical fitness among children the Arab world to the suffering of many countries at the moment of the epidemic of chronic diseases such as heart disease and vascular Cardiovascular Diseases, and diabetes Diabetes and Cancer Cancer and chronic respiratory diseases, which are major causes of death in the world, where he died 13.7 million people in the Middle East in 2008 due to cardiovascular disease, and this constitutes more than 31% of the total deaths that occurred in the world in the same year 0.9600000 due to cardiac arrest and 6.7 million due to stroke in the United States of America, and is expected to increase this number to 30 million In the year 2015, and that this ratio remains of increased mortality.

The World Health Organization (WHO) pointed to the increasing rate of obesity in the Arab school children increased by 45% in the last four years, until 2008. Globally, about 22 million children under the age of 5 are overweight. And will reach the proportion of patients with type II diabetes (genetic syndrome and not) in Saudi Arabia to forty per cent in 2020 and this percentage applies to the rest of the Gulf states. And emphasizes (Marilyn Nino, specialist diabetes in children in Jordan, BBC Arabic) that 81 thousand young Arab man under the age of 16 years is suffering from rheumatism, and exceed injury 6 times more girls than boys.

And outcome and as a result the foregoing is what led to the injury of many young girls and the Arab world diseases of modern civilization (obesity, diabetes, deviations القوامية, thinner body, the imbalance muscle between the parties to a different body, the low level of endurance year and the weakness of general fitness body, where These diseases have become an epidemic levels.


One of the main benefits of physical preparation for children is to improve suffice muscle strength child's body, prevention of injuries, the development level of athletic performance, modify aspects of psychological and identify stages sensitive to the growth, development of physical attributes, and the acquisition increases influential in force, and improved compatibility of motor skill, and increase the strength of muscular endurance muscular endurance (the ability of muscles to perform iterations multiple), and increase the intensity of mineral components of the bones of children (calcium and phosphorus), and the protection of girls from osteoporosis Osteoporosis when advancing age, and the lack of any Odhararfa bone or cartilage Alcardosé or cartilage growth , and increase the production of red blood cells for children, prevention of infection.


 In doing so, and the highest degree of professionalism and qualification of scientific You can subscribe to training courses for how to train capabilities physical preparation children where we contribute to the growth and development of your knowledge and your knowledge and increase your experience of scientific and practical in application enables you to work as a trainer specializing in training physical preparation for children


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